custom orders.

Is there a certain colorway or base you’re interested in that isn’t in stock? You've come to the right place! There is no order minimum - 1 skein can be dyed up just for you!

Some bases and/or colorways may not currently be available due to our inventory/our suppliers’ availability and delays due to COVID-19. See dropdown menu for available options. Please note, the current turnaround time for custom orders is 2-4 weeks from order date. 

See all available colorways pictured here, and for more information about our yarn bases, see the listing below or here. Please note, each yarn base (especially non-superwash) takes the dyes differently; to see a colorway on a specific base not shown in the gallery, please send an email BEFORE ordering, and I will dye up that colorway and send you a photo + add it to the gallery. I'm currently working on dyeing up colorway samples on all bases, so thank you for your patience!